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PORADA GEOCONSULT -  Subsoil investigation & geotechnics by experts

We have been successfully active in the field of subsoil investigation and geotechnics for over 25 years. We are also your experienced partner with drilling for geothermal energy supply or a geological report as with the "draining" of your building pit.

We look after small construction sites just as trustingly and reliably as large projects.

Our projects spread across Europe are impressive proof of this.

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  • Geophysical measurements

    Georadar (detection of cavities, pipes, tanks, etc.), geoelectrics and gravimetry (exploration of regional gravitational fields)

  • Electrical cone penetration tests

    Measurement of tip resistance, skin friction

  • Dry drilling

    Drilling without support fluid, removal of cuttings from liners

  • Plate load tests

    Static and dynamic plate pressure tests to determine the deformability and load-bearing capacity of the soil and to check compaction

  • Experts and building surveyors

    in the areas of soil reports, subsoil reports, risk assessment and evidence preservation procedures


In addition to energy producers, construction and civil engineering companies, authorities and various companies, we have been working with local and national construction companies for many years.


SOIL INVESTIGATION - That's why an investigation of the soil is so important:


The subsoil investigation is the examination of the condition of the soil to be built on in terms of strength, load-bearing capacity and soil layer composition. Exploring the subsoil is necessary because many construction companies require certain soil strengths in construction contracts or in special requirements.

The exploration of the subsoil affects almost all construction projects. Here, the area of the subsoil that is planned for development is examined. The load-bearing capacity of the subsoil is the focus of this investigation. When assessing the subsoil, the hydrological conditions, e.g. groundwater, are determined. For this purpose, the subsoil is evaluated with a recommendation for e.g. B. Lowering systems.

We determine the specific parameters for the soil and thus enable your planner or structural engineer to optimize the foundation elements for your building with the soil report and save you costs. Furthermore, you are on the safe side with the scope of the earthworks required for your construction project.

   The ground report or subsoil report provides information about the subsoil: As a result of the subsoil investigations, you will automatically also receive foundation advice / foundation recommendations, which can be optimally used in the static calculations and further construction work!

Houses transfer their loads into the ground. The subsoil must therefore be stable and solid so that the building or structure to be erected is not damaged. If the subsoil is not load-bearing, sooner or later structural damage will occur. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a well-known example of a structure erected on a foundation that is very sensitive to settlement. Did you know that most structural damage is not caused by poor workmanship or external influences, but rather by unwanted subsidence during the construction phase and even years later? You bear the subsoil risk as the builder and therefore an examination and assessment of the subsoil should be obligatory for you.

In retrospect, most builders are satisfied that the basement was carefully sealed thanks to the subsoil investigation and that the fluctuating groundwater level or simply dammed water could not penetrate it. Or like in the extreme case "Leaning Tower of Pisa" soils with different settlement behavior influence the building and lead to a tilting of the building or crack formation.

Gründung von Windkraftanlagen

Why do you need a subsoil and foundation report?

Fundamentally, subsoil investigations are used to assess the suitability of the subsoil as a subsoil and as a basis for forecasting the interactions to be expected between the planned structure, soil, groundwater and neighboring structures or buildings. This enables far-reaching planning and cost certainty.

A well-founded and qualified subsoil report provides, among other things, statements on:

Subsoil description

oil structure and soil-mechanical characteristics (load-bearing capacity, sensitivity to settlement, ...)

Soil type and classification

Hydrogeological report, description of the groundwater conditions

Stability and settlement calculations

Subsoil assessment & foundation proposals

Requirements for the foundation of a structure

seepage ability

Information on earthquake zones

Information on frost resistance and frost protection measures  

Information on the potential mining hazard


A subsoil and foundation report is therefore based on a targeted examination of the subsoil by the expert, meets all the necessary requirements and contains all the key data required for well-founded planning and cost security. This often includes other aspects, such as waste classification, chemical analysis or checking for explosive ordnance, but also the assessment of hidden cost risks underground. Everything can be clarified with a qualified and professional ground investigation.


Our work begins with a well-founded recommendation on the scope of the investigation and extends to professional support for the foundation or, if necessary, renovation measures.


The specialist knowledge and many years of experience of our employees as well as the necessary good technical equipment enable us to carry out the tasks with which you entrust us in a qualified manner.


Benefit from our know-how. You can reach us at the addresses listed. We are active throughout Germany and Europe.



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